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March 5, 2020

Sushi Restaurants in Bali

Is there anything more divine than a glistening piece of fresh fatty tuna, ruby red tuna, or so-pale-it’s-almost-translucent snapper, served solo or with a bit of rice, nori, soy sauce and wasabi? Throw in some crispy tempura, savoury yakitori skewers, Teppanyaki dishes grilled right at your table and a splash or two of fine sake, and you’re in gourmet Japanese heaven. We can’t resist a good sushi feed, which is why we’ve rounded up our favourite places for the Best sushi in Bali.


Ryoshi is by far Bali’s most popular sushi joint with locations in Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, Kuta and even Gili Trawangan. Consistency and quality is the key here, as the chefs never fail to send out only the freshest fish, prepared to the minute as the orders come in. Popular items include the Tokobushi Nigiri (pigmy abalone), Spider Maki (soft-shelled crab with avocado and tobiko), and the sushi and sashimi sets. They also offer perennial Japanese faves like Agedashi Tofu, Udon and Soba noodles, Teriyaki dishes, and even Teppanyaki tables where you can grill your own meats, seafood and vegetables. Check out the Seminyak location every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for live jazz music along with your sushi.

Take Sushi

Step into a little piece of Japan in Bali, where bamboo is the main design element, low tables offer soft cushions on the floor, and the sushi chefs pluck live fish from the tanks and work their magic behind the long wooden bar. Special imported Japanese ingredients add authentic flavours to the sushi, sashimi, rice plates, noodle dishes and teppanyaki specialties, and local produce and seafood from Bali’s markets ensures each meal is fresh and flavourful. Kick up your lunch or dinner a notch with a bottle or two of traditional Japanese sake or beer.

Sushi Tei

Although slightly off the beaten path, Sushi Tei is well worth the trip for the sleek decor, fab service and modern Japanese cuisine. Grab a seat in front of the sushi conveyor belt and watch the chefs in action as you grab tempting plates of edamame, fresh sushi made with tuna, salmon, eel, crab and sea urchin, and thickly sliced pieces of sashimi. For those who get a bit squeamish over raw fish, the cooked dishes hit all the right notes with specials like Takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls), crunchy lobster rolls and the Gyuniku Roll with thinly sliced beef wrapped around golden enoki mushrooms.