Best Language Schools in Bali

Bali’s Best Language Schools for Learning Bahasa Indonesia

As any traveller knows, one of the biggest hurdles about visiting a new country is not being able to speak the language with the locals. The good news is, Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language to pick up and Bali is chock-a-block with great language schools where you can learn your kelapas from your kepalas. Read on to find out some of Ultimate Bali’s top picks for language schools on the island.


Cinta Bahasa

Established in 2011, Cinta Bahasa quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the most popular and best known language schools in Bali. Today they have schools in Ubud, Sanur and Canggu, and offer a range of classes taught by certified and experienced Indonesian language teachers who teach natural Indonesian rather than formal and dated language straight out of a textbook. Visitors and residents can join in the small group classes at the schools or arrange for one-on-one private lessons at your hotel, house or villa. They also offer online courses via Skype for those who want to study from abroad before you visit Bali. 


This well-established school in Denpasar is at the top of their game for their super structured classes and intensive language packages. Many people opt for the Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali program, which includes 40 hours of Indonesian language training combined with 20 hours of cultural studies. They also offer flexible programs geared towards expats living and working in Bali, classes that focus on Indonesian for specific purposes such as business, education and hospitality, and teacher training courses for people who want to teach Bahasa Indonesia in Bali and abroad.

Seminyak Language School

For those in the south of Bali, the Seminyak Language School is a great place to learn the ins and outs of Indonesian language and culture. The enthusiastic and university educated teachers here take a communicative approach to the classes, so each course includes about 75% percent conversation. This way, you learn how to listen and understand the language, as well as speak and express yourself in a natural way. Classes here include short-term courses and packages for tourists, career focused classes for professionals and group classes for families.

Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center

Tucked away behind the football field in Ubud, the Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center is another hotspot for visitors looking to pick up some Bahasa Indonesia. The courses at the library are geared towards beginner and intermediate learners, and all of the materials for the classes have been prepared by the talented team of teachers here. Group classes for adults and children are on offer, and visitors can also arrange private lessons either at the library or at a location of your choosing. Plus, the library is fully stocked with Indonesian language books to help you with your studies.

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