Bali Villas vs Hotels - Why Choose a Villa

Bali Villas vs Hotels

As one of the world’s most exotic tropical island destinations, it should come as no surprise that Bali is home to amazing hotels to suit all budgets and tastes. From family-run homestays to luxurious five star hotels, you’ll never go without somewhere to rest your head in Bali. However, what many people don’t know is that Bali is also awash in beautiful villas, most of which offer much better value than a hotel. Read on to find out why renting a Bali Villa can be cheaper, offer more intimacy and character and include more perks than staying in a hotel in Bali.


1. Space and Privacy

If you’re travelling with family or a group, you may want to consider a villa in Bali just for the extra space and privacy it can offer. Many Bali Villas have multiple bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and spacious gardens and swimming pools, so you can spread out and get comfortable. In addition, you have the whole space to yourself, so you don’t have to share the swimming pool or the common areas with strangers. This is ideal for honeymooners, high profile individuals, families, friends, couples or those who simply want some peace and quiet.



2. Character

Hotels are a dime a dozen, and after you’ve seen and stayed in a few, they all seem to look alike. Not so with villas. Many villa owners build their villas from the ground up, using top architects and interior designers. Quite often the architect builds the space to integrate into the natural surroundings, whether it be the beach, jungle or on top of a stunning river gorge. In addition, the furniture and decor will most likely be one of a kind, creating a unique ambiance and a truly home away from home feel for a memorable holiday in Bali.



3. Cost

At first glance, villas may seem more expensive than hotels, but not so! In the long run, the costs of a villa rental can work out to be the same if not much less than a hotel. A mid-range or luxury hotel room can range between $180 to $1,000+ a night, and that is usually just for one room. However, a Bali Villa can be anywhere from $250 to $1,800 per night, and that generally includes multiple bedrooms, a living area and kitchen, private pool and spacious grounds. If you split this cost with a group of people, it often works out to be far less than a hotel and much more bang for your buck.

Also, when you book a villa in Bali, you are dealing directly with the owner or a private booking company, so you know exactly what is included in the rate. Unlike hotels, there are no hidden fees for things like Internet, bottled water or extra guests, as these things are usually included in the villa rate. Most Bali villas also include things like complimentary breakfast, airport pick-up and drop-off, free shuttles into the nearest town center and luxurious bath and body products.

Moreover, with your own kitchen you can store your own snacks and drinks, prepare your own meals and have access to fresh clean water at any time. This means you don’t have to spend extra money on taxis and dining out every time you want to eat or drink something. If you don’t feel like cooking, the staff can shop for, prepare and serve all your meals for you, often at only the cost of the groceries and a small gratuity.




4. Personalised Service

Villas have fewer staff members than hotels, so the villa staff are always on hand to attend to your needs. In fact, at many villas the staff outnumber the guests, which is something you just won’t find in a hotel. Most villa staff in Bali are extensively trained to provide five-star service, including gourmet meals, meticulous housekeeping, and clear and comprehensive information about interesting sights around the island and Balinese culture, all without being intrusive. They can also arrange activities like in-house spa treatments, tours with a car, driver and guide, and music and dance performances. And with only a few highly trained staff on board, you will probably find that you get to know the staff on a personal level during your stay.



5. The Extras

One of the best things about Villas is that they really break out of the hotel cookie cutter model, meaning you can find some places with fantastic bonus features. We’ve seen villas in Bali that offer extras like gorgeous media rooms packed to the rafters with DVDs, CDs, books and even desktop computers, private spa pavilions for massage, yoga, and wellness treatments, petanque courts, walk-in dressing rooms and romantic gazebos.

Villas also offer the added bonus of allowing you to entertain guests in your own private space, so you can have dinner parties, poolside barbecues or simply enjoy the pool. Many Bali villas also offer the space and service for large events such as weddings, anniversaries, business functions and retreats.

Every Bali villa is unique, so if you shop around, you will find many that offer fabulous extras that go above and beyond a hotel. For example, some villas offer great complimentary perks that are included in the rate, including a traditional Balinese massage for each guest, aromatherapy oils to take home, the use of mountain bikes and yoga mats, or afternoon tea service with Balinese sweets every day.

With all of these advantages, it would be a shame not to consider a villa for your next holiday to Bali. You may even be surprised at just how reasonably priced many Bali villas are when compared to a hotel of the same caliber. 

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