Luxury Yacht Charter

Silolona - Luxury Indonesian Phinisi Charter Yacht

The luxurious and exquisite Silolona boasts spacious decks & cabins, elegant furnishings & decor, and a dedicated crew who offer exceptional service & experiences as you journey to some of the most beautiful and beguiling islands on Earth.


5 Cabins | 10 Guests | 17 Crew | 50m |

From 17,000 / night

Lamima - Luxury Indonesian Yacht Charter

Lamima is the world’s largest wooden sailing yacht and one of the most luxurious phinisi yachts ever built. Designed by Marcelo Penna, she combines ancient phinisi elegance with modern specs for the ultimate classic superyacht experience.


7 Cabins | 14 Guests | 20 Crew | 65m |

From USD 18,200 / night

Samata - Luxury Indonesian Phinisi Yacht Charter

Samata is a luxury yacht that combines traditional Phinisi design with modern European touches & state-of-the-art amenities. With 3 decks, spacious interiors & 5 luxurious cabins, explore the pristine islands of Indonesia in unforgettable luxury.


5 Cabins | 10 Guests | 14 Crew | 42m |

From USD 4,680 / night

Amandira - Luxury Indonesian Phinisi Yacht Charter

For a 5 star Indonesia cruise, Amandira Voyages are hard to beat. This luxury 52-metre, two-masted Phinisi yacht handcrafted by shipbuilders of the Indonesian Konjo tribe offers tailored voyages to Raja Ampat & Komodo Island in Indonesia.


5 Cabins | 10 Guests | 14 Crew | 52m |

From USD 10,150 / night

Amanikan - Luxury Indonesian Yacht Charter

Lovers of luxury may be familiar with Aman Resorts and their legendary five-star locations around the world. Amanikan is their first luxury cruiser and offers all the comfort and service of a world-class Aman Resort.


3 Cabins | 6 Guests | 10 Crew | 32m |

From USD 7,590 / night

Mischief - Luxury Indonesian Yacht Charter

Mischief is a luxury yacht that combines traditional Indonesian phinisi boat design with contemporary beach cottage interiors. Both spacious and elegant, Mischief is ideal for those looking to sail around the Indonesian archipelago in modern luxury.


3 Cabins | 6 Guests + 2 | 6 Crew | 30m |

From USD 8,500 / night

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