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Shake Things Up With These Unique Sports

Tired of the same old fitness routine? Doing the same reps at the same gym day in and day out is enough to give even the most motivated fitness buff ennui. If you’re in an exercise rut, we highly suggest trying some of these unique sports on offer around the island. From bouncing on trampolines to swinging round poles you’re sure to get fit and have a ton of fun while learning these new sports.


The extreme sport of canyoneering involves walking, wading, swimming, climbing, rappelling, and sliding your way through a natural water course, of which there are no shortage here in Bali. Adventure & Spirit is the first company in Indonesia to offer graded canyoneering itineraries and ICOPRO (International Canyoning Organization for Professionals) training courses. Spend a day with these highly qualified and experienced guides and instructors, and you’ll get to see some of Bali’s most spectacular natural wonders.


Free Diving

If you like scuba diving, then freediving takes things to a whole other level. Using just your own lung power, you can explore the underwater world without the noise and hassle of cumbersome scuba gear. Fish and marine life are more likely to approach you, your range of vision is much clearer without the bubbles, and a sense of stillness and serenity is assured. For complete beginners, Freedive Flow will teach you the basics of holding your breath for long periods, proper weighting, and safety underwater.



Pole Dancing

What could be better than getting a cardio workout while learning sexy new moves that will boost your confidence into the stratosphere? The Art of Body offers hour-long pole dancing classes for both beginners and advanced dancers, and each class involves high energy tunes and a whole lot of spinning, swinging, sashaying and shimmying. They also offer private personal training sessions for those who aren’t quite ready to work those moves in a group.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Although stand up paddle surfing can be traced back to ancient Polynesian times, the sport is relatively new in Bali. In 2007 an Italian water sports enthusiast named Jankie opened the first SUP school in Sanur, and now you can try the sport pretty much anywhere around the island where there are gentle waves. To learn the ropes and rent your own boards and paddles for the day, head to the original Bali Stand Up Paddle School located just steps from the water.


After a series of remodels and renovations, The Canggu Club now has its very own trampolining centre in the same building as their stellar bowling alley. Bounce Bali features a massive room covered with trampolines both on the ground and on the walls, and each trampoline has frames covered in 2-inch thick safety pads, so you never have to worry about hitting the edge. You can bounce to your heart’s desire alone or with friends, or join in group sports sessions like bounce basketball.


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