Specialist Shops in Ubud

Specialist Areas for Shopping in Ubud

If shopping is your thing, you’re in for a treat in Ubud. The sheer volume of beautiful arts and crafts, stylish designer clothing, unique housewares and antiques available here is mind-boggling. You can find pretty much anything you can dream of along the streets of Ubud and at the Ubud and Sukawati markets, and just a short drive away there are many villages that specialise in particular art forms. The following is a brief guide of where to get the best goods in Ubud:




There are literally hundreds of art galleries in Ubud selling paintings and drawings of varying quality. You may find that after popping into a few shops and galleries, the paintings all seem to be the same. However, dig deeper and you will come across unique spaces selling contemporary and traditional works by talented local and international artists. For high-quality modern art head to the ARMA Art Gallery, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, the Neka Art Gallery, and the Tony Raka Art Gallery. Penestanan is where you will find colourful, whimsical paintings in the Young Artist style, and Batuan is famous for its black and white ink Batuan style artworks.



Stone Carving - Specialist Arts & Crafts - Ubud, Bali

Stone Carving

Fancy a life-size stone Buddha for your entranceway? Perhaps a beautiful fountain made from volcanic rock? Or maybe you need a few more stone ducks to complete your collection? If so, Batubulan is the place to go. This is the source of many of the intricately carved temple gates around Bali, and a great place to go if you want to spruce up the garden in your Ubud villa. 




Wood Carving

Mas is the undisputed centre for wood carving in Bali, and it is here that you will find everything from ceremonial masks to life-size carvings of people and animals to end tables made out of sandalwood, teak, cedar and driftwood. Many of the shops here sell wholesale pieces for export, although you can also find many small retail shops. Mas is also a favourite destination for those who want to take courses and workshops on traditional Balinese wood carving. 



Homewares - Specialist Shops - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


If you’re looking to revamp your living space, head to Andong and Tegallalang for colourful lamps, antique furniture, statues, mirrors and comfy beanbag chairs. As soon as you pass Delta Dewata going north on Jalan Andong, you will start to see retail shops and wholesale vendors lining the streets, selling everything you could possibly want for your home and more.

Many of the shops sell similar items, so if you don’t find a price that suits your budget, keep going further up the road and you may find a better deal. Keep heading north to hit the shops in Tegallalang.





Ubud has a number of shops where you can buy antique masks, puppets, jewellery, furniture and ceremonial items from Bali and across Indonesia. Like anywhere, it pays to do your research before you shop for antiques, as there are a few places that may claim an item is older than it really is just to make a sale. Some reputable antique shops include Tegun Galleri, Bojog Gallery and Kuluk Gallery.





Monkey Forest Road, Jalan Raya and Hanoman Street are the best places to find boutique shops that sell designer clothing, shoes and accessories. There are a few surf shops in Ubud that sell brand name quality gear, as well as branches of Bali-based designer labels and independent outfits. If you are looking for inexpensive beach wear, sarongs, ceremonial outfits or light summer clothing, check out the Ubud market or Sukawati market. If you head to the markets, just remember to get your bargaining game on.



Jewellery Shopping - Specialist Arts & Crafts - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Silver and Gold

To the south of Ubud, the pretty village of Celuk is a major centre for gold and silver jewellery. You can find dozens of workshops and showrooms here with beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in a variety of styles.

If you are looking for custom made pieces, ask around and you will have no troubles finding someone who can create exactly what you are looking for. Central Ubud also has many jewellery shops that sell jewellery made from silver, gold, rare stones and gems.

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