Going Green - Eco Lodges in Bali

Going Green at Eco Resorts in Bali

It’s no secret that tourism has taken its toll on the island of Bali over the years. Areas that were once tranquil rice fields as far as the eye could see are now packed with villas and convenience stores, big buses ply the roads blocking traffic and emitting carbon dioxide, and precious resources are being used up at unsustainable rates. Despite the fact that tourism provides jobs for thousands of people across the island, some people wonder at what cost. So how can you visit Bali and leave the smallest footprint possible? One way is by staying in an eco resort. The following are some environmentally friendly resorts in Bali that do their part to support sustainable tourism on the island:



Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Sarinbuana is one of the pioneers of ecotourism on Bali, and their beautiful nature lover’s retreat on the slopes of Mount Batukaru has been internationally recognised for its environmental practice and social responsibility. The resort was built by local tradesmen using natural materials and making every effort to leave as little impact as possible on the natural environment. The resort hires only local staff, and makes use of sustainable systems such as renewable energy sources, natural waste water treatment, recycling and organic fruit and vegetable gardens. In addition, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge funds many community and social programs, which means you can feel good knowing that your stay contributes to improving the lives of local villagers.





Kali Manik Eco Resort

Located on the north coast of Bali next to a wide sandy beach, Kali Manik Eco Resort offers spectacular views of the sea, rice paddies and mountains from their environmentally friendly hideaway near the small village of Kalisada. Here there are just three individually designed cottages that adhere to strict environmental standards. Natural materials like bamboo and stone abound, solar energy powers the water heaters, and all of the meals are made with organic produce from the resort’s lush gardens. The owners also set deliver workshops on eco-tourism for the staff and make efforts to involve the local community in sustainable tourism practices.





Bali Eco Stay

Another eco-friendly resort hidden away amongst rice fields and jungle on Mount Batukaru, Bali Eco Stay offers five unique bungalows constructed to blend into the natural environment of the mountain. The land is owned by local Balinese villagers, and an Australian couple invests the funds to run the resort with its hydro energy plant, a natural spring-fed pool and waterfall, organic permaculture garden, waste water recycling systems and vetiver grass to prevent erosion. Here you can take walks through the rainforest, enjoy cooking classes and cultural workshops, and support garbage collection programs in traditional villages near the resort.


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