Sanur Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
14 Jul

Sanur Travel Guide

Although Sanur was one of the first areas in Bali to become established as a tourist area, this seaside town still manages to retain its sleepy fishing village vibe. Life is easy here with the beach at your doorstep, calm shallow waters that are perfect...

Air Bali - Top 5 Unique Bali Experiences
13 Jun

Top 5 Unique Bali Experiences

Like so many other world renowned holiday destinations in Southeast Asia, Bali offers the usual de rigueur activities like snorkelling, diving, trekking and cooking classes. However, seasoned travellers may be looking for something a little unconventional…something a bit more extravagant and extraordinary. For an unforgettable...

24 Hours in Singapore
19 Jan

24-Hours in Singapore

Spend any amount of time in Bali, and chances are you will also make a trip to Singapore at some point for either a visa run or a transit stop on the way to or from Bali. Fortunately, sleek and stylish Singapore offers plenty to...

Bali Villas with Pool Tables
23 Oct

Bali Villas With Pool Tables

Part of the appeal of renting a luxe Bali villa is actually getting to spend time in your own private space and enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, not to mention the amazing scenery and facilities. Besides prime socialising spots like sunny pool...

Sublime Sunsets in Bali
22 Oct

Sublime Sunsets in Bali

You know you’re living the sweet life when you’re chilling out on the beautiful island of Bali with a cold drink in hand watching another legendary tropical sunset streak the sky with a profusion of red, orange, yellow, pink and purple hues. Sure, you can...

Villa Hibiscus - Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
31 Aug

Gardens Galore at Villa Hibiscus

For those looking to escape the city and the crowds, Villa Hibiscus is a unique 3-bedroom villa located down a quiet laneway just minutes from Merta Sari Beach in Sanur. Nature is the predominant theme here, as the grounds are awash in tropical flowers, coconut...

Candidasa Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
28 Aug

Candidasa Travel Guide

Relaxed Candidasa is the perfect escape for travellers weary of the hustle and bustle of some of Bali’s more chaotic tourist hotspots. This quaint seaside town lies on the east coast of the island, and it features plenty of luxury villas, hotels and guesthouses to...

Tabanan Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
25 Aug

Tabanan Travel Guide

If it’s natural beauty you’re after, Tabanan has no shortage of breathtaking vistas of terraced rice paddies, black sand beaches, and looming mountains. There is a real sense of authentic Bali here, as the rampant development of Bali’s southern coasts further to the east has...

Villa Shambala - Top 5 Seminyak Villas
16 Aug

Top 5 Sexy Seminyak Villas

There’s a reason so many people choose stylish Seminyak as their base while on a holiday in Bali. Not only is it situated on golden sands and packed to the gills with happening boutiques, spas, restaurants and bars, but it also offers some of the...

Best Shopping in Seminyak - Bali, Indonesia
24 Jul

Shop in Style in Seminyak

Serious shopaholics know that there’s only one place in Bali to get the full range of goods from elegant ensembles to designer swimwear, glittering jewellery, modern housewares and more. Seminyak is shopping central, as the streets are packed with cool independent boutiques, outlets for Bali-based...

Jimbaran Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
21 Jul

Jimbaran Travel Guide

Tucked along a wide peaceful bay in the isthmus that connects the Bukit Peninsula to southern Bali, Jimbaran is famous for its seafood, long sandy beach and smattering of luxurious villas and resorts that look out over the Indian Ocean. This area of Bali is blissfully...

Uluwatu Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
19 Jul

Uluwatu Travel Guide

Although technically Uluwatu is the name of a famous Balinese temple perched on a cliff on the southwest tip of the Bukit Peninsula, the name has come to refer to the surrounding area as well, a region that boasts soaring limestone cliffs, secluded beaches with...

West Bali Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
17 Jul

West Bali Travel Guide

West Bali truly is the wild west of the island, with deserted beaches hammered by pounding surf, rolling green hills, lush rainforests and traditional Balinese villages that seem untouched by time. Whether you’re exploring the natural wonders of the West Bali National Park, hitting the...

Amed Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
15 Jul

Amed Travel Guide

If you’re looking to get away from it all, Amed is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy some amazing scenery. The area known as Amed is actually a string of small villages spread out along the northeast coast of Bali. Cruise up the...

Nusa Dua Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
13 Jul

Nusa Dua Travel Guide

Nusa Dua is Bali’s slickest upmarket resort complex, and the place to visit if you want to get away from it all and relax next the pool, sunbathe on the postcard perfect beach or get some water sports in. Encompassing the golden swathe of sand...

Canggu Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
28 Jun

Canggu Travel Guide

Just north of Kerobokan, Canggu is surfer’s paradise, with long beaches and bays that get consistently good surf. Head down any of the small laneways that lead to the water, and you will see rice fields galore, as well as a smattering of casual cafes,...

Bali Pilates Studio - Bali, Indonesia
24 Jun

Best Bali Pilates Studios

Check out any one of those killer beach babes or boys rocking long, lean muscles and perfect posture, and chances are they’re into pilates. Developed by and named after Joseph Pilates, this super focused form of exercise has a wealth of benefits for the body...

Seminyak Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
10 Jun

Seminyak Travel Guide

Seminyak is Bali’s cosmopolitan seaside playground with beautiful beaches, tropical chic restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, elegant villas and hotels and some of the finest shopping this side of Jakarta. Stylish and sexy, Seminyak is all about chilling out by the pool with a cold one...

Ubud Travel Guide - Bali, Indonesia
08 Jun

Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud is Bali’s arts and culture capital, which means you can enjoy fascinating dance performances, peruse eye-catching art galleries, markets and shops and visit exotic temples and palaces. It seems like almost every day there is some sort of ceremony going on where you can...

Bali's Wild Side - Animal Parks in Bali
23 May

Bali’s Wild Side

Animal lovers will be happy to know that Bali is a wonderland of flora and fauna, as well as a plethora of fun parks where you can see rare and exotic creatures. Whether you’re into elephants, Komodo dragons, starlings or monkeys, you can really get...

Villa Karma Cantik, Bali, Indonesia
30 Apr

Cliff Top Luxury at Villa Karma Cantik

A stay at Villa Karma Cantik is the stuff dreams are made of, considering the spectacular cliff top location, tropical chic digs and world-class facilities just steps away. Located in the luxurious Karma Kandara estate, this 3-bedroom villa offers a holiday like none other. Lounge...

Best Burgers in Bali
29 Oct

Bali’s Best Burgers

There’s something so ultimately satisfying about a big juicy burger dressed up with all the fixings, especially when that burger consists of premium ingredients and served with gourmet sides. Bali is home to more than a few much-lauded dining establishments that take their burgers very...

Best Golf Clubs in Bali
01 Oct

Bali’s Best Golf Courses

So many people come to Bali to hit up the beaches, pools, restaurants, shops and bars. But not you. No, you much prefer to be out in the fresh air under the clear blue skies testing your coordination, accuracy, strength and stamina. That’s right, we’re...

Best Horse Riding in Bali
30 Sep

Discovering Bali by Horseback

Imagine climbing on your majestic steed and setting off along peaceful rice paddy trails, through traditional Balinese villages and along deserted stretches of black sand next to the crashing ocean. A scenic journey on horseback can be absolutely exhilarating and allow you to see parts...

Balinese Names Explained
09 Jul

Balinese Names Explained

Spend any amount of time on Bali, and you’re bound to meet plenty of friendly local people and make a ton of new friends. The first thing you’ll probably notice when you start chatting to the locals is that everyone seems to share the same...

Canyoneering in Bali - Bali for Adrenaline Junkies
17 Jun

Bali for Adrenaline Junkies

Sure, with beautiful beaches, gorgeous private villas with glittering pools and spas galore, Bali may be the ideal place to do some serious R&R. But not all of us are into navel gazing in a hammock or sipping cocktails by the pool. For those of...

Must See Temples in Bali, Indonesia
01 Jun

Must See Temples in Bali

Pura Tanah Lot As one of the six cardinal temples of Bali, and one of the most scenic, Pura Tanah Lot holds its own as Bali’s most visited temple. You may have seen it before on postcards and in guidebooks, with its multi-tiered meru (pagodas)...

West Bali - Off the Tourist Trail
15 May

Off the Tourist Trail in Bali – West Bali

Bali’s rugged west coast really is the wild wild west with rocky windswept beaches, traditional Balinese villages far from the tourist centers, jungle covered mountain slopes and protected national parks teeming with unique flora and fauna. Head west to ride ridiculous waves, play Robinson Crusoe...

Best Surf Schools in Bali
25 Apr

Stellar Surf Schools in Bali

No matter what time of year or what season, there are always stellar swells hitting Bali, which means it’s easy to find breaks and barrels where the surfing is spot on. But where to start? Never surfed before but want to learn how? A surf...

Bali Villas vs Hotels - Why Choose a Villa
19 Apr

Bali Villas vs Hotels

As one of the world’s most exotic tropical island destinations, it should come as no surprise that Bali is home to amazing hotels to suit all budgets and tastes. From family-run homestays to luxurious five star hotels, you’ll never go without somewhere to rest your...

How to get a sim card in Bali, Indonesia
07 Apr

How to get a SIM Card in Bali

Whether you’re planning a short vacation to Bali or have decided to pack up and move to paradise, you’ll need a phone to stay connected to family and friends. Sure, you can use your current phone and SIM card, but why pay more for extravagant...

Specialist Shops in Ubud
10 Mar

Specialist Areas for Shopping in Ubud

If shopping is your thing, you’re in for a treat in Ubud. The sheer volume of beautiful arts and crafts, stylish designer clothing, unique housewares and antiques available here is mind-boggling. You can find pretty much anything you can dream of along the streets of...

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