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March 5, 2020

Bali’s Best Hot Springs and Waterfalls

As befitting a tropical island paradise built on the back of volcanoes, Bali is home to many natural hot springs and gorgeous waterfalls hidden in stunning lush jungle settings. If you’re looking for a bit of spectacular scenery or a soothing soak in therapeutic volcanic springs, read on to discover some of our favourite natural water features around the island.

Gitgit Waterfall Bali

Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit is one of Bali’s most impressive and highest waterfalls, located just 10 kilometres south of Singaraja. Follow the narrow path into the jungle and you’ll pass colourful souvenir stands, clove trees and coffee plantations on your way to the waterfall. Soon you will feel a cooling mist dispersing through the air, and suddenly the gushing falls come into view. Stop at the rest area at the base of the falls to snap some photos, enjoy cold drinks and snacks or dip your feet in the cooling river, or head further up the hill to see the lovely multi-tiered Gitgit Twin Waterfalls.

Munduk Watefall Bali - Ultimate Bali


The central highland village of Munduk is a popular base for trekkers and nature lovers, as it is surrounded by lush hills, valleys and jungles that boast a plethora of beautiful waterfalls. To see roaring falls that spew out clouds of refreshing mist, pretty cascades of water that tumble down unique rock formations and secret waterfalls that are rarely visited, your best bet is to hire a local guide who knows the area well and can lead you to the most scenic spots where tourists are few and far between.


Air Terjun Singsing

If the sand on the beach in Lovina is heating up and you’re looking for a place to cool off, head to Singsing Waterfall just 5 kilometres north of Kalibukbuk. The falls here are not huge, but they tumble into a chilly pool that makes for a very refreshing swim. You’ll find plenty of shade here under the large leafy trees, or you can stretch out on one of the river rocks for a sunbathing session. In addition, the locals say that the water and mud here have healing properties and are great for the skin.


Banjar Air Panas

Another beautiful spot in northern Bali, the Banjar hot springs are a series of stone pools filled with naturally heated spring water that pours out of the mouths of stone nagas (snake-like dragons) carved into the walls of the pools. The hot springs are surrounded by beautiful tropical flowers and foliage and there is a restaurant overlooking the pools that serves tasty Indonesian fare, an area with changing rooms, showers and lockers, and even a rustic resort set on the jungle-clad slopes behind the springs.


Toya Bungkah

Although many people come to the village of Toya Bungkah just to climb Mount Batur, this is also a great spot for soaking your aches and pains away in the heated mineral waters of the natural hot springs that bubble up around the town. There are two main spots where you can relax in the springs: Batur Natural Hot Spring and Toya Devasya. Batur Natural Hot Spring boasts tranquil pools resting on the edge of Lake Batur, and Toya Devasya offers healing mineral pools with views of the lake, loungers, refreshments, camping grounds and villas.