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5 Nights from USD 1,495

Flexibility and freedom are the keys at Bali Vitality, a personalised health retreat specialist that allows you to choose from a wide range of programmes to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you opt for a 3-day or 30-day retreat, your programme is highly personalised with a private yoga teacher, spa therapists and your own Liaison Hostess to assist you with detoxing, juice fasts, meditation and exercise plans. In addition, Bali Vitality provides health programmes in a small boutique hotel in the charming village of Nyuh Kuning, which is just a short walk from Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest and Ubud town centre. This means that while you enjoy around-the-clock personal service, you also have the independence to explore Ubud on your own.


Depending on your chosen programme, the consultants at Bali Vitality will arrange a daily schedule for you that includes therapies, appointments, juices, and even trips around the island to different invigorating places. Of course, they also allot plenty of ‘me’ time, so you can sit back, relax, reflect and renew your energy, as well as soak up some of the unique culture of Bali.

Retreat Programmes

Depending on your unique needs and retreat goals, you can choose one of Bali Vitality’s ready-to-go packages or opt for a completely customised programme. Each package was designed to tackle a specific aspect of holistic health such as weight loss, de-stressing, anti-ageing and detoxing, and they include services like naturopathic consultations with an Integrated Holistic Doctor, reiki sessions, special detox juices and powders, and body scrubs and massages.

Try the 5-day Fabulous Kick Start programme, which retrains the body to take on healthy habits so that you can shed pounds, boost your metabolism and enhance your energy levels. The Simply Juicy programme is a 7-day juice detox with daily super vegetable juices and additional natural powders that cleanse the organs, and the Zest for Life programme includes 14 days of diagnostic tests, healthy eating, yoga and meditation and a visit to a local healer. And these are just a few of the fabulous options to choose from.

Zest For Life Retreat
Super Seven Mind Body Detox Retreat
Simply Juicy Retreat
Kick Start Retreat
Whittle Away Weight Retreat
Calm Mind & De-Stress Retreat
Assist Chronic Disease Retreat
Well Woman Retreat


Bali Vitality retreat programmes are located at Villa Sonia, a secluded boutique hotel set in the charming village of Nyuh Kuning and within just a short walking distance via the sacred Monkey Forest into Ubud's town centre.

Villa Sonia features Deluxe and Super Deluxe Suites with private balconies and terraces with traditional Balinese design elements blended with modern architecture and amenities. The entire property has been designed to harmonise within it's natural surroundings and set within a beautiful green landscape featuring two free form swimming pools, a spa and restaurant.

Sonia Deluxe Suite
Super Deluxe Suite


  • Balinese Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Ionic Detox Foot Baths
  • Organic Body Scrubs
  • Organic Facials


  • Organic Body Wraps
  • Royal Boreh Body Treatment
  • Clay Body Wrap
  • Foot Massages
  • Manicure / Pedicure
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Infra Red Detox Sauna


  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Visit to a Balinese Healer
  • Visit to Healing Volcanic Hot Pools
  • Sacred Holy Water Cleansing
  • Bali Herbal Walks
  • Scenic Rural Rice Field Walks
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Natural Spa Product & Jamu Making


Bali Vitality health programmes are provided within Villa Sonia located in Nyuh Kuning Village on the south side of Ubud and just a short walking distance from the sacred Monkey Forest and Ubud town centre.

Ubud Centre - 10 minutes | Airport - 90 minutes

  1. 7 day Well Woman program

    This organisation is awesome, their staff beautiful, the program for me was perfect, always caring and thoughtful were all staff, i will come back.

  1. 7 day Juicy program

    I really loved the program. The staff was perfect, very loving and sweet and greeted me with Big smiles every day. I felt completely renewed and refreshed when it came time to leave. I went as a Birthday present to myself and they remembered my birthday and surprised me with flowers and sang me a song, it was so thoughtful of them. I would highly recommend the Bali Vitality company to anyone.

  1. 14 days detox retreat

    My time in Ubud at Bali Vitality was really great! For me it was the start for renewing my life. Wanna get rid of my old eating habits and AnnaMaree helped me out with her hypnotherapy. The staff was so helpful and sweet, they were like my family during my stay. I had a private yoga tutor which was great! And of course a great talk with Ken he opens my eyes and I saw my inner beauty again. Thanks for those life changing weeks!

  1. Highly Recommended

    A big thank you to the team at Bali Vitality who helped and supported me through a 10 day Whittle Away the Weight Detox. Everyone was so lovely, this retreat was an absolute pleasure to do and so easy too! Not once did I feel hungry and there were plenty of activities to keep me occupied - with just enough free time to pander to my shopping addiction (Ubud has great shops!) I came away from this retreat feeling lighter, more energised and healthier (and 5kgs lighter also!) I would attend this retreat again in a heartbeat and have already recommended them to a number of friends.

  1. Different experience

    I did a 5 days juice detox with Bali Vitality. It was a different experience for me but seriously i needed that relaxing time and the detox is simply bonus for me. They are very well organised and really focused on you. All the practitioners were very helpful and professional, nothing hard for them to accommodate your need. The hotel that i stayed itself was brilliant! The name of the hotel is Labak River, which quite far from everywhere but it's kinda new-ish hotel. It is a very good investment to your health. Yes it's quite expensive but seriously it's worth the price!

  1. 10 Day Detox

    My first detox experience ever and I could not have found better place and company to do it with , It was very well organized , personalized to my needs and all stuff and practitioners were very professional and flexible. At the same time , I've took opportunity to travel as much as possible around Bali through Bali Vitality which kept me busy so I did no have time to think about food. Found detox easier than I thought and would suggest that everyone follows the rules of pre tox and detox to achieve great results. Would seek to come back and repeat experience.

  1. First Detox experience - What a positive surprise!

    After travelling for a longer time in South-East-Asia my wife and I decided to invest the last month in our health. We heard about the advantages of detoxing but had no experience at all. Our goal was to get rid off accumulated toxins and by the way also lose some extra kilos. We experienced our stay as very well organized and comfortable. The whole program is professionally composed and conducted by specialists. We always felt safe and did not have any side effects (headaches). We stayed at Hotel Puri Asri in a Villa and a deluxe room. Both rooms are beautiful and the quiet garden with a small pool is just perfect for such a programme. Important point. If you want to do a Detox make sure you stick to the pre- & post Detox program too. If not you will "pay" for it. ;-) Overall we enjoyed our stay in Ubud and can recommend Bali Vitality Detox as a professional provider for Detox holidays.

  1. 5 Day Kick Start

    Partner lost 4 kilo and I lost 2 and both of us have kept it off. Massages, yoga, facial scrub and full body scrub were great. Even the colonics weren't as gross as I was expecting. lol. All in all I can not fault this if you want a relaxed and healthy retreat.

  1. Super Seven

    Well I have been home for almost a week and I must say the Super Seven Detox really has been a life altering experience. My whole outlook on food, drinking alcohol and smoking has been completely changed. I was a little nervous going into it, with 2 young children left behind with my slightly nervous husband but from the moment I arrived I felt completely relaxed. The staff were wonderful, the Labak River hotel was lovely and to top it off I lost 5kg's. It was difficult at times detoxing and the smells of the near by eateries was at times torture by the hunger past. I came home feeling revived, relaxed and invigorated.

  1. 10 Day Detox Retreat in Bali

    I took up the 10 day 'Whittle Away Weight' detox program offered by Bali Vitality. My goal was to lose weight and to realign my body, mind and spirit after a very intense and stressful period in my life. I've never done a detox program before so I was quite nervous and asked so many questions before booking! Every question was answered in a timely and polite manner. I must say - the 10 days were amazing and each day I felt better and better - I also didn't suffer from any skin irritation. I highly recommend doing the pre-detox to avoid any withdrawals / cravings while there - I had no headaches, was never hungry and didn't crave a single thing. While I didn't lose as much weight as I would have hoped, I did lose a lot of inches and my body has never felt better. I'm also now completely off coffee and feel much calmer and happier. Aside form all the health benefits - the Bali Vitality team were simply amazing. Very friendly, helpful, and a lot of fun to be around. They really looked after me and made sure my experience was a true delight! My liaison - Yohanna - was really lovely and kind, as was Bu Made who made all the juices and Darwah the driver. In fact, everyone was great! I suggest seeking out Violetta for yoga and Mangti for the colonics (two of the most kind-spirited women I have ever met!). Ubud was the perfect place for the detox too - you are in a hub of all things peaceful, healthy and tranquil! Doing the detox was the best decision and I'll definitely return to do it again!

  1. Exceeding my expectations - I would do it again in a heartbeat

    What a terrific program! I cannot rave enough about how incredible I felt during my 'Super Seven' program. I expected to feel tired and average, but was bursting with energy and didn't struggle at all with hunger. The juice and daily intake of supplements were more than enough sufficient to allow me to comfortably fulfil the program of activities as well as walking at least 1.5 hours a day. I even managed to have enough energy to jog on the last two days. I absolutely loved the independence and flexibility to tailor the program to suit me, which was balanced out so well with the personal attention one on one treatments. And the staff were brilliant!! From my driver Darwa (such a genuine and lovely man), the very beautiful Ibu Made who provided me with my daily juices and giggles (she is so kind and giving, it made my day to see her smile each morning), Ary who managed to teach me to enjoy Yoga, to the very professional staff at Gaia who made me feel so comfortable when performing my colonics. This retreat had it all for me and was the perfect mind and body cleansing with some beautiful cultural experiences combined. I've been home for 3 weeks and still feel great. I will be back for sure! I can't wait.

  1. A great kick start to healthier habits

    I have just completed the 7 day detox at Bali Vitality and feel fantastic. Whether you are looking for spiritual experiences or like me just a recharge of the batteries this is the place to come. Bali Vitality lets you tailor your program so that you can have as much time to yourself to relax and explore Ubud or you can build on extra yoga lessons, meditation sessions, day trips and therapies with Anna Maree. Highlights for me were: 7 days without food here is not hard and I never felt hungry, the staff are like a big welcoming and supportive family, it's informal, Putri with her amazing nightly massages, the freedom of not being locked in a resort, the Balinese healer which was truly 21st century with his flat screen T.V set up and the fantastic non touristy day trips. I cannot forget Ibu Made who is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet and very much like the caring mother with an infectious laugh and Anna Maree herself who is an awesome therapist and a character in her own right. I highly recommend Bali Vitality and if I fall off the better health wagon I will definitely return to remind myself of all the rubbish I have been putting into my body as a result of a busy working life (including my daily diet coke).

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