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Private Charters

Alexa Private Cruises - Sailing Holidays Indonesia

Alexa is the ultimate luxury yacht charter for a romantic sailing vacation throughout Indonesia. Explore secluded coves, traditional villages and deserted islands or just kick back and relax aboard what is essentially a luxury floating resort for two.

Alexa Private Cruises

31m | 1 Cabin | 5 Crew | Indonesia

from US$ 3,895

Sailing Cruises - Mutiara Laut - Luxury Yacht Charter Indonesia

This exotic charter yacht Mutiara Laut offers luxury private charters to the most remote islands of Indonesia. Cruise itineraries are individually tailored to guests and she can sail and reposition to any place that you desire.

Mutiara Laut

40m | 7 Cabins | 14 Crew | Indonesia

price on application

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